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The north of Sardinia is characterised by a green, hilly landscape and a rugged coastline boasting beautiful bays, white sandy beaches and a clear-blue sea. This is one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in Europe, popular with many of the rich and famous. Book your flight tickets to Olbia now and you will immediately find out why.

Why book a flight to Olbia?
• Isolated and unpredictable, the best recipe for authenticity
• Unique, rugged rocky coasts and vast pine tree forests
• A stunning clear-blue see
• Back to prehistoric times and Nuragic settlements
• A dive into the world of the jet set at the Costa Semeralda (Emerald Coast)

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Image - Olbia - Italy - Destination info -
Image - Olbia - Italy - Destination info -
Image - Olbia - Italy - Destination info -
Image - Olbia - Italy - Destination info -
Image - Olbia - Italy - Destination info -

Tips for your stay in Olbia

Porto Cervo

People come to Porto Cervo to see and be seen. It is a popular destination among the rich and famous, and why shouldn’t it be: the fascinating coast, the luxurious marina and the famous designer boutiques are this fashionable seaside resort’s main assets. Your cup of tea? Then book your seat on a flight to Olbia right away.
• The capital of the Costa Smeralda
• A beautiful coastline boasting sandy beaches and romantic little bays
• One of the biggest and best-equipped harbours in the Mediterranean
• A meeting place for the international jet set
• Famous designer boutiques

Porto Rotondo

In the bay you can admire the most luxurious yachts you’ve ever seen. In the centre of the locality you can explore the famous designer boutiques. And on the beach you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the stunning environment. Immerse yourself in the worldly locality of Porto Rotondo with a flight ticket to Olbia.
• A small fashionable seaside resort
• A famous marina
• Many water sports facilities at the beach
• A town centre featuring outdoor cafés, jewellery shops and boutiques

Baia Sardinia

On the beach you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand, but the town centre of Baia Sardinia is also worth the while. Your holiday is immediately off to a good start with a flight ticket to Olbia.
• A charming town featuring shops, restaurants and bars.
• A large bay boasting a fine sandy beach
• The opportunity to windsurf, dive, and much more
• At only 4 km from Porto Cervo


This small seaside resort is a great place to relax on the beach. The renowned surrounding vineyards furthermore produce high-quality wines. Get on a flight to Olbia and relax... .
• A pleasant seaside resort
• Stunning sandy beaches
• Excellent vineyards

Isola Rossa

This fishing village has grown into a charming seaside resort offering everything you may need. You can reach this small seaside resort with ease thanks to a flight to Olbia.
• Beautiful little bays, vast sandy beaches and red rocks
• A renowned tourist town
• A spectacular view of the Gulf of Asinara


Cannigione is a centrally situated seaside resort; in other words, the ideal location to alternate excursions in its vicinity with a day at the beach. Book your flight tickets to Olbia now and discover the variety of Sardinia.
• A touristy town centre featuring shops, restaurants and bars.
• A characteristic marina
• Right across from the archipelago of La Maddalena, which is easy to reach


This 14th-century agricultural town has developed into a tourist destination thanks to lovely beaches such as La Caletta and Santa Lucia. The sun, the sea and the sand are never far away thanks to a flight ticket to Olbia!
• At the foot of Monte Alba
• Charming beaches
• Natural beauty


This characteristic village is situated on a lava plateau rich in oak trees, olive trees and other Mediterranean vegetation. The mysterious Nuraghe Losa is definitely worth a visit. A flight to Olbia is the perfect start to a holiday spent discovering the green interior of Sardinia.
• A peaceful village
• Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation
• Charming, characteristic little houses
• The archaeological site of ‘Nuraghe Losa’


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