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Flights Aqaba

Aqaba is an authentic destination offering a wide range of sights dating back to long gone times and amazing nature areas. Just think of the old Bedouins, the Fort of Aqaba, untouched oases, impressive coral reefs, and so much more. Hesitate no longer and book a flight to Aqaba online through

Why book a flight to Aqaba?
• Magnificent coral reefs and beautiful beaches
• A picturesque port town
• Numerous restaurants and souvenir shops featuring tax-free zones
• One of the safest countries of the Middle East

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Image - Aqaba - Jordan - Destination info -
Image - Aqaba - Jordan - Destination info -
Image - Aqaba - Jordan - Destination info -
Image - Aqaba - Jordan - Destination info -

Tips for your stay in Aqaba

Tala Bay

Are you a fan of water sports, shopping and quiet, modern cities evolving? Then Tala Bay is the answer to question as to what will be your next holiday destination:
• A brand-new tourist centre in full development
• Amazing coral reefs, ideal for divers and snorkelers
• A modern, yet peaceful marina
• Strolling along the water and the charming shops

The Dead Sea

The name alone sparks your imagination. Discover the healing properties and the impressive environs of the Dead Sea thanks to one of's cheap flights to Aqaba.
• The lowest point on land in the world
• Surrounded by mountains and valleys
• Staying afloat: unique in the world
• Skin healing properties


You simply cannot miss this legendary city full of cultural treasures:
• One of the seven new world wonders
• Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
• The ‘sarcophagus’ of an ancient old civilisation
• Rose-red rocks and gorges


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