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Flights Pristina

Whether you want to take a long or a short trip, our cheap flights to Pristina make travelling to Kosovo easier than ever. You will definitely not get bored in Pristina thanks to the wide range of sights, and your taste buds will be pampered with delicious local delicacies.

Why book a flight to Pristina?
• Its very own opera house, the Kosovo Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra
• The Graèanica monastery, built in 1321
• The Tomb of Sultan Murat
• Fli, a pie made of thin layers of pastry and honey

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Flights to Pristina on the following days

Brussels (BRU) -> Pristina, Kosovo (PRN)
  Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
21/04/2014 -> 27/04/2014       no-flight flight no-flight no-flight
28/04/2014 -> 19/10/2014 flight no-flight no-flight no-flight flight no-flight no-flight
20/10/2014 -> 26/10/2014 flight no-flight no-flight no-flight no-flight no-flight no-flight

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Image - Pristina - Kosovo - Destination info -
Image - Pristina - Kosovo - Destination info -
Image - Pristina - Kosovo - Destination info -

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